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About Aquabibes

The client is a new boat rental enterprise in Miami, FL. While they had a clear vision, they needed deeper insights into Miami's competitive boat rental market to optimize profitability.

The Requirements

They wanted to discern the most popular boat types for rentals, determine competitive rental pricing, evaluate the performance of local competitors, and get data-backed boat purchasing and pricing recommendations.

The Solutions

Cylixo initiated an exhaustive market analysis, using web scraping techniques to extract data from boat rental platforms, notably 'boatsetter'. Utilizing Python and Scrappy, we gleaned information on boat types, prices, and optimal advertising locations. Jupyter Notebooks was instrumental in analyzing this data, helping derive insights on top boat types, competitive pricing strategies, and effective advertising locales.

The Result

The analysis highlighted certain boat types as particularly popular in Miami, aiding the client's boat purchasing decisions. Cylixo provided informed recommendations on setting rental prices and determining the best pickup locations for rentals. Moving ahead, there are plans to automate the data extraction process with AWS and offer user-friendly data visualization dashboards for ongoing insights.

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