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About I&S Cleaning

I&S Cleaning is a professional cleaning service based in Vero Beach, Florida, specializing
in residential and Airbnb property cleanings. They faced challenges in managing bookings
manually via phone and handwritten records, lacking an online booking system.

The Requirements

I&S Cleaning needed a system that would enable them to manage bookings online and
allow customers to schedule cleaning appointments through their website. Their customer
data was disorganized, spread across a CRM system, Jobber, and physical books. The
main challenge was to consolidate this data and integrate it with a new booking system. They
also required a user-friendly interface for customers to choose cleaning appointments, synchronized
with I&S Cleaning's calendar.

The Solutions

To meet these needs, an out-of-the-box solution, Acuity Scheduling, was chosen. Using Python
and the Pandas library, we extracted and transformed data from Jobber, making it compatible
with Acuity's format. The booking system was seamlessly integrated into I&S Cleaning's existing
website through a dedicated tab redirecting customers to the Acuity scheduling page. Additionally, we
set up synchronization between Acuity and Google Calendar, allowing for efficient management of
on-the-go appointments and accessibility for users not directly using Acuity.

The Result

The implementation of Acuity Scheduling revolutionized I&S Cleaning's operations. The staff can
now easily manage and view appointments online, with shared access to a digital calendar for
route planning. The elimination of handwritten bookings and manual phone calls has significantly
streamlined their process. Customers enjoy the convenience of scheduling and modifying
appointments online, reducing the administrative burden on I&S Cleaning. This efficiency has freed
up the company to focus on expanding their customer base.

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